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We are one of the largest LSDs, with a tax base of over $435,014,950.

To put that in perspective, our tax base is slightly larger than some other incorporated communities such as New Maryland, Grand Bay/ Westfield, and St. Andrews.

We have a population of approximately 4,266. There are somewhere in the vicinity of 1500 families and 125 businesses.

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National Volunteer Week 2014

April 6 – 12

In every community there are those individuals who give their time and energy to make life better. Volunteers have the power to make great things happen and this week is the time to say thank you!

To all the people who volunteer in our community of Hanwell and the greater Fredericton area, please know that it is appreciated. Whether you are a Scout leader, a soccer coach, a swim coach, someone who delivers Meals on Wheels or you have worked to create a recreation park or volunteer for any of the many worthwhile causes, THANK YOU!

If you would like to acknowledge a volunteer in our community feel free to give them a shout out on our Facebook page!

Hanwell Vote Results

The local service district of Hanwell is about to become the Rural Community of Hanwell.

Yes - 487 (E)

No - 451

940/3241 voters - 29%

Listen to the CBC interview here.

Hanwell Local Service District Rural Plan Regulation

Persuant to Section 77 of the Community Planning Act, public notice is hereby given that the Minister of Environment and Local Government is considering the following proposed ammendment to the Hanwell Local Service District Rural Plan Regulation - Community Planning Act.

Click here to download the Public Hearing Notice.

Elections New Brunswick Plebiscite Announcement for Hanwell

Today, Election New Brunswick released polling information for the upcoming plebiscite election in Hanwell. Click here to visit the Elections NB website and select “Plebiscites M11 Queens-Sunbury-York” from the drop down list for polling information.

Please check out the Facebook “Hanwell-Vote YES” page for more information.

You can also find polling information here.

Residents should have received an official two page summary of the Rural Community project both official languages by the Dept of Local Government.

Please click here for an English copy.

Please click here for a French copy.

As well Election New Brunswick will be mailing out voter information cards to eligible Hanwell residents. If you don’t receive an information card please contact Elections NB at 453-2218.

Update on the Rural Community Feasibility Study – Hanwell - Kingsclear

In August, the HK Rural Community Project Committee, accompanied by the Dept of Local Government, produced a Rural Community Feasibility Study for both Hanwell and Kingsclear LSDs to become one combined Rural Community.

That report was posted on the HKRC website at www.HKRC.ca.

Mr Michaud, the chair of the both the HKRC and Hanwell Steering committee, stated “In August, the HK Rural Community Project Committee held a meeting to review the results from the telephone survey. The committee, comprised of residents from both the Hanwell and Kingsclear LSD, deliberated on the survey results before voting on the direction of the Rural Community Project.  In light of the telephone survey, the Committee voted to become two independent rural communities.

Mr. Michaud also went one to say. “That report still validates all the reasons why Hanwell should become a Rural Community.  I would encourage all residents of Hanwell to get out and vote YES on December 2nd, 2013”.

Please click here to view the feasibility report.


Community Development Association Gears Up

In early 2007, a group of citizens in Hanwell, New Brunswick, became concerned about the lack of community parks and recreational facilities and programs in the Hanwell Local Service District (LSD). Learn More

Advisory Committee Members Elected

An Election was held on April 20, 2010 to elect members to the HLSDAC for a two year term ending in 2012. Six individuals volunteered and were elected to the Advisory Committee.

Learn More.

The Hanwell Local Service District Rural Plan has Been Enacted

The Hanwell Local Service District Rural Plan has been enacted by the Minister of Environment on April 19, 2010 and filed in the York County Registry office on April 28, 2010 under official number 28645019.

Learn More

Animal Control

The Hanwell Local Service District receives services for animal control through the SPCA. A portion of our taxes provides the support for these services. The Animal Control Officer can be contacted at 1-877-722-1522.