The following By-Laws have been enacted by Council.

These are unofficial copies. For certified copies, please contact the Clerk.

01-2014       pdfProcedural By-Law (Amended Oct 12, 2016)
A By-Law Respecting the Proceedings of Council and Administration

02-2014       pdfRemuneration of Mayor and Councillors (Amended Feb 15, 2018)
A By-Law Respecting the Remuneration of Mayor and Councillors

03-2014       pdfSeal By-Law(Adopted June 19, 2014)
A By-Law Respecting the Corporate Seal

04-2014       pdfRural Plan Amendment By-Law (Adopted Oct 8, 2014)
A By-Law to Amend the Designated Rural Plan of Hanwell

05-2014       pdfCommunity Emergency Planning By-Law (Adopted Dec 10, 2014)
A By-Law to Establish a Community Emergency Plan

06-2014       pdfBonding By-Law (Adopted Jan 14, 2015)
A By-Law Respecting the Bonding of Officers and Employees

07-2015       pdfSolid Waste Collection and Disposal By-Law (Amended Jan 13 2016)
A By-Law to Regulate the Collection and Disposal of Solid Waste

08-2015       pdfSubdivision By-Law (Adopted Oct 14, 2015)
A By-Law to Regulate Subdivisions

09-2015       pdfBuilding By-Law (Adopted Jan 18, 2015)
A By-Law to Regulate Buildings and Structures

10-2015       pdfSignage By-Law (Adopted Mar 9, 2016)
 A By-Law to Regulate Signs

Sign Permit Application A-1

11-2016       pdfHanwell Rural Plan (Adopted Mar 9, 2016)
 Rural community of Hanwell Rural Plan – Community Planning Act

12-2016       By-Law to Amend the Rural Plan (Adopted Jan 11, 2017)
A By-Law to Amend the Rural Plan

13-2016       Respecting Dangerous or Unsightly Premises (Adopted May 10, 2017)
A By-Law Respecting Dangerous or Unsightly Premises