Welcome to Hanwell

Welcome to the official web site of the Hanwell rural community, one of New Brunswick’s fastest growing communities!  We are located at 5 Nature Park Drive (formerly 2369 Route 640) in Hanwell, in the newly-built “Hanwell Place”, our Community Recreation Centre and Rural Community Office.  Thank you for visiting!

Hanwell was incorporated as a rural community on May 23, 2014, under Regulation 2014-30 of the Municipalities Act. The community boundaries cover an area of 148.7 square km in York County from the southern boundaries of the City of Fredericton to just beyond Yoho Lake. It encompasses a portion of the Ludford Subdivision off the Mazerolle Settlement Road on the west side and goes to Village of New Maryland and the New Maryland Local Service District on the eastern side. Hanwell is accessed from the Trans Canada Highway at exits 271 and 281.

Hanwell has a population of over 4700. There are more than 1500 families and 125 businesses. The Council of Hanwell strives to maintain a rural feel in the community, “Inspired by Nature”, while providing a high level of services to the residents by working closely with the Department of Environment and Local Government and contracting directly for some services.

If there is information that you are unable to find on this web site, please contact the rural community office.