Appearing Before Council

How to speak at Council or Committee meetings:

(all meetings are open to the public, however due to COVID-19, if public wishes to attend in person, please let the Clerk know prior to coming so that social distancing protocols will be met – we are not encouraging “drop ins” during this time.)

  1. Contact the Clerk no later than 3 days before the close of the Agenda (ten days before the meeting)
  2. Provide:
    • Your name
    • The organization you represent
    • Your street address & phone number
    • The issue you wish to address
    • The relevant background information
    • How many people will be speaking — 2 permitted for delegations of more than 5 (ten minutes will be allotted for each speaker)

Let us know the preferred date for your appearance.

Final approval for all applications is decided by the Mayor.