Update: Animal Control

Under our Dog Leash Policy (#2018-01) and Regulation 84-85 of the Municipalities Act (also called the Provincial Dog Act), dogs in Hanwell are not permitted to be at large; owners (or persons in charge / guardians) are responsible for, and must have control over, their dog(s) at all times.  While walking anywhere in Hanwell, they must be visibly tethered (leashed), regardless of whether you are walking about your neighbourhood, or on community-owned property (such as parks, trails, parking lots, etc. ).  The ONLY “off leash” area within Hanwell Rural Community is at Hanwell Place, on  Loop 2 and Loop 3 of the Hanwell Park Trail.  However, even off-leash, the dog(s) must be in the view and control of its owner at all times, and not be left to run up to other walkers on the Trail.

**Whether you are alone on the trail or your dog is “Friendly”, compliance of our policy and the provincial regulation is required, for the safety and security of our staff, other walkers, and those who may fear/not like dogs. The trails are for use and enjoyment by all.**

Non-compliance with the policy regarding off-leash control may result in having no off-leash area in Hanwell – meaning dogs will need to be leashed in all areas of the Hanwell Park Trail.

The Dog Leash Policy #2018-01 can be found here:  https://hanwell.nb.ca/wp-content/uploads/2015/09/Policy-2018-01-Dog-Leash-Policy-Adopted-Feb-15th-2018.pdf

Regulation 84-85 under the Municipalities Act (known as the Provincial Dog Act) applies to Rural Communities (s. 3(b)) – including prohibitions and fines.  The Regulation can be found here:  http://laws.gnb.ca/en/showfulldoc/cr/84-85//20191218 

Hanwell receives services for animal control through the SPCA, and a portion of our taxes provides the support for these services.

The Animal Control Officer can be contacted at: 1-877-722-1522.