Well and Septic Safety

As a rural community, Hanwell does not have water mains or sewers. Each household provides its own potable water with a well on the property, and wastewater treatment with a septic tank and disposal field. The minimum residential lot size to conform to provincial health regulations is 4000 square metres (one acre).

The exception is Birchwood Subdivision which has a community well and septic system that is maintained and administered by the Department of Environment and Local Government, allowing smaller lots in the subdivision.  The contact for any issues concerning your well and septic should be addressed to Naveed Majid at Freelance Environmental.  506-476-7292 or nam@namfreelance.com.

It is a policy in the Hanwell Rural Plan to encourage operators of private septic and communal wastewater systems ensure that systems function properly and undertake regular performance monitoring to ensure that the discharge does not pose a risk of contamination.

Maintaining Well Water Quality

Each household is responsible for annual testing for bacterial contamination (coliform) and for septic system pumping and maintenance. If your water test shows the presence of coliform bacteria, your well must be chlorinated (sometimes referred to as “shocking” the well).

For the information of residents, here are some useful links from the Department of Environment and Local Government and other agencies.

Well Water Safety

Water Well Basics

Facts on Drinking Water

Your Well Water a Safety Check List

How to Chlorinate your Well Water

If you are planning a new well, this link is for you:  Well Construction and Water Testing

Well Water Testing

There are three organizations in the Fredericton area that do water testing and they are:

1. Province of New Brunswick

  • Fees subject to change, please contact for information

2. RPC (Research Productivity Council)

3. Electric Motor Service

  • free for minerals only

Septic System Maintenance

Your septic system should be pumped at least every three to five years, depending on the size of the household, in order to avoid ruining your disposal field with sludge — a very expensive situation. Your dwelling should have a site plan showing the location(s) of the buried septic tank access ports.

Caring for your Septic System

There are several firms in the Fredericton region doing septic pumping, including:

Ready John
Lud-San Enterprises Ltd.

(This is not an endorsement; this is for information only).