Land Use Planning

Land use planning includes zoning, building permits, development permits, subdivisions, and signage. Council’s Planning ManagementĀ Committee advises on any By-Laws pertaining to land use, including zoning amendments to the Rural Plan.

Planning Staff at Regional Service Commission 11 provide land use planning recommendations, and convey them to the Planning Management Committee. Council has appointed a Development Officer at RSC 11, who looks after development permits and building permits. Any rezoning applications first require approval by Hanwell Council and thence further approval by the RSC 11 Planning Review and Adjustment Committee (PRAC).

RSC 11 enforces Council’s By-Law’s Building By-Law, Subdivion By-Law, Signage By-Law, as well as zoning amendments to the Rural Plan. Any permit applications and fees are received by RSC 11 on Hanwell’s behalf.

Regional Service Commission 11
860 Prospect St.
Fredericton, NB Ā E3B 2T8

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RSC 11 Forms & Applications