Garbage & Recycling


Garbage collection is provided by BMI.  Contact – Ph 209-0669

Recycling collection is provided by FERO. Contact  – Ph 472-3376

Garbage pick up in Hanwell take place on Tuesdays and Wednesdays and vary by street.  Below, you will find a breakdown of Hanwell streets with Tuesday pick up, and those with Wednesday pick up.

 Tuesday Garbage Collection streets:

Alphonso DriveHanwell 640 from Deerwood to Brian DriveNancy Avenue
Aries LaneIsaac Allen LaneNeptune Crescent
Betty StreetJupiter CrescentPinecrest Drive
Brian DriveLeek StreetRobinson Lane
Bridges StreetLeo LaneSaturn Drive
Brookdale DriveLibra LaneSequoia Drive
Burnett DriveLloyd StreetSharon Court
Camber DriveLudlow LaneSloat Street
Carvill LaneLynx LaneTaurus Drive
Chemin McBain RoadMarlow RoadTayce Drive
Cornelius LaneMars LaneTaylor Drive
Cypher LaneMcBain RoadWallace Lane
Eaton CourtMenzies DriveVenus Crescent
Green AvenueMichael AvenueVioletta Avenue
Hailey AvenueMilky Way DriveVirgo Street

Wednesday Garbage Collection streets: 

Amelia StreetFerguson RoadMikayla Street
Bernadette LaneFlagstone DriveMoosewood Drive
Blue Heron DriveFlamingo LaneNan’s Promenade
Blue Jay CourtGolden Eagle DriveNeptune Crescent
Bromley AvenueGranite DriveNormandy Drive
Cameron RoadHailey CourtPelican Court
Carina LaneHanson RoadPinecone Drive
Cobblestone CourtHanwell 640 from Deerwood to Hunter RoadPluto Court
Cobblestone DriveHeatherington LaneSandstone Drive
Crystal Dale BoulevardHopton LaneScott Road
Dipper LaneHunter RoadSelena Lane
Deerwood DriveJerry Chessie RoadSmith Road
Doohan RoadJerry CrescentSomerset Drive
Dustin LaneJohn Chessie DriveSpring Road
Eaglewood DriveJohns WayStarling Crescent
Eagle Ridge CourtJordan DriveTeam Drive
Eddington RoadLinfield LaneTucana Drive
Ellen CrescentMary Ellen DriveWhite Fox Drive
Falcon LaneMazerolle Settlement RoadWillow Court
Fawn CrescentMercury LaneYoho Lake Road

No change to Hanwell Mini Home Park garbage collection.

Regardless of when your collection day is, you are requested to have your trash to the road by 7:00am.  Pick up is between 7:00am and 7:oopm.

You may continue to use dolly-style garbage bins, however, the trucks are not equipped with lifters so garbage bags will be removed manually from the bins.  Please ensure your garbage bagged and securely tied.  No loose garbage will be picked up.

There are no special days set aside for spring and fall clean-up. You must contact BMI directly to make arrangements for large item (anything exceeding 44lbs) pick up such as large appliances, furniture and fixtures prior to placing them out on your pick up day.  Residents are limited to one item per month, to a maximum of nine (9) per year. 

Please note that the contractor will not pick up construction materials (lumber, drywall, etc.) or automotive parts and tires.  Please see the Solid Waste Disposal By-Law for appropriate materials and sizes.

Also note that in the rural community we do not have specific leaf pick-ups; however they will be collected with the regular garbage pick-up if they are bagged properly (max. of 5 bags per pick-up).  The leaves will be disposed of with the regular trash and will not be composted.  So, if possible, please compost as much as you can in your backyard compost.  Ashes, grass clippings, incombustible material and street rubbish are not to be placed for collection. These must be disposed of at the owners expense.

Note:  DO NOT place ashes in the trash as this can cause dangerous results.



Recycling is done by FERO and is picked up as per below. Please contact them for information.

Schedule for 2021:  We have two recycling pick-ups per month, on the first and third Friday of each month.  Please try and distribute your recycling evenly between the two pick-up days.

You are requested to have your recycling bins/clear bags to the road by 7:00 a.m., no exceptions.

Residents who do not have recycling bins may call FERO at 506-472-3376, they will provide one blue bin and one grey lidded bin per household.  Extra bins and/or clear recycling bags may be purchased at various retail stores.

The dates are:

20221st Friday3rd Friday20221st Friday3rd Friday

If you have questions regarding what can or cannot be recycled you can contact the Fredericton Region Solid Waste Division at or the Recycling Hotline at 506-453-9938.